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I consider myself extremely lucky as a chef to live in a region that has an abundancy of fresh, local produce and where suppliers aren't afraid to break with tradition and venture into creating and supplying foods not necessarily associated with this area.
If everyone is carrying their fair share of the work load, individual workers can be more productive, groups will accomplish more, and organizations as a whole would achieve their goals and missions with enhanced abundancy.
Although the dates of the Tuina sites are slightly older, the abundancy of coastal resources suggests that the first explorers arrived at the end of the Pleistocene coastline and occupied the coast not only in southern Peru (e.
So if we think about the abundancy of resources, the abundancy of wisdom and people's capacity to accomplish great things, then we are able to really accomplish our best outcomes.
With the abundancy of VDRs in prostatic epithelial and stromal cells, it has also been shown that there is increased apoptosis of periprostatic adipose tissue in VDR knock-out mice (54) indicating a possible role of VDR in the signaling pathways of prostate cancer inhibition.
We noted the extensive use of message abundancy by teachers which amplified, rather than simplified, the curriculum; the use of many kinds of guiding mediating texts to create affordances for students to talk aloud their reasoning in collaboration with others, and to prepare them for subsequent tasks; the sequences of talk between teacher and students which allowed for sustained contributions from students and modelling by teachers; and the explicit teaching of disciplinary-related language and literacy.
Credible, environmentally minded processors are a conduit between consumers and fishing fleets and can make sustainable purchases, informing retailers and NGOs on abundancy, methods, alternative varieties and traceability.