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Synonyms for transfusion

the introduction of blood or blood plasma into a vein or artery

the action of pouring a liquid from one vessel to another

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The ABT rose to prominence after it claimed responsibility for the killings of secular bloggers, free thinkers and foreign nationals in Bangladesh.
The additional aerodynamic kit from ABT includes a chin spoiler upfront, side skirts below the body and at the rear, as well as an angry-looking combination of dual exhaust on each side and the newly designed 19-inch mag wheels from VW, which complete the sporty appearance.
The model features a set of 20 inch DR wheels, a gun-metal or mystic-black finish, ABT fender inserts manufactured from high-quality ABS plastic, integrated entrance lights, floor mats and air caps.
We at ABT are very excited to start our collaboration with Huawei as we together work to bring the latest global technology to local customers across Oman.
This will be a return trip for ABT artistic director Kevin McKenzie, who traveled to Cuba in 1986.
15am: Display of ABT performance products direct from Germany and even the awesome R8 GT3 race car in the flesh
AT&T said Abt Associates had signed a winback agreement to install its PNT service, which uses the company's MPLS-enabled network and offers the bandwidth to enable Abt to deal with various disaster-recovery initiatives.
The breadth and depth of ABT will be on display when the company returns to the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion Thursday through April 10 with works that range from ``Romeo and Juliet'' to the Calvin Klein-clad tribute to the late George Harrison, ``Within You, Without You.
Now UK buyers are getting the chance to savour the Abt Touareg VS10, which offers a significant uplift in power over the standard machine.
ABT, which acquired 34 companies in less than five years, is claiming liabilities in excess of $175 million.
In June of 1999, Newmark negotiated a sublease of the 31st floor at 1250 Broadway from ABT, which at the time had possession of both the 30th and 31st floors but only occupied the 31st.
Instead, Abt will identify a random sample of physicians around the country, and with the help of Society chapter staff, recruit them to participate.
In response to the growing political pressure, HCFA hired Abt Associates, the Washington-based consultant that designed and tested the OBRA survey procedures, to review the issue of improving nursing home care.
Abt contracted with an outside organization for his company's first CD-ROM.
Abt Associates has acquired Australia-based international health and social sector consulting firm JTA International.