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an abstract genre of art

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But his question wasn't wrong per se--it just didn't have much to do with the achievement of his exhibition, which takes a more interesting, less expected tack: Garrels asked six abstract painters working in the United States to "select one or two of their own recent paintings to be shown with works by other artists who have had a significant impact on their thinking and the development of their own work.
He studied at the St Ives School of Painting and Camberwell School of Arts and Crafts, went on to exhibit in London and New York and by the 1950s was recognised as a leading abstract painter.
Slagter, who also painted a mural on the side of the San Antonio Winery in downtown Los Angeles, started out as an abstract painter.
Born in Tokyo in 1935, Isobe began in the mid-'50s as a post-Informel abstract painter who invented a unique method of overlaying wooden board with emblemlike patterns made of cardboard and plaster.
Fick, an American abstract painter, was storing his clothes in the Chelsea Hotel and frequently visited Thomas's favourite American drinking den, the White Horse Tavern.
Peter McArdle, who lives just north of Alnwick, is a fellow Stuckist and the abstract painter Richard Kidd returned home to the region a couple of years ago after sampling the New York art scene.
Featuring celebrity make-up artist Derrick Rutledge along with him his team of artists, stylists and imagists; acclaimed abstract painter Joyce Wellman; fine handbags from Besso of Hollywood; and women's footwear from Coup d'etat Shoes, the Zona Z Winter Trunk Show marks the official launch of A Shoe Size Above, Inc.
Born and brought up in Weoley Castle, leading abstract painter John Walker became a pupil at the Moseley Road Art School, Balsall Heath, in the 1950s at the age of around 11 or 12.
Others are less well-known but deserving of wider audiences, Lyons believes, citing as an example abstract painter John M.
Abts is an abstract painter, but a contemporary one, not a modernist.
And award-winning abstract painter Brendan Stuart Burns - twice former Welsh Artist of the Year and winner of the Gold Medal in Fine Art at The National Eisteddfod - will launch the gallery by unveiling a new collection of paintings and drawings.
In 1931, Hepworth met the abstract painter Ben Nicholson and by the mid-30s they were married and her work was completely abstract.
ABSTRACT painter Maggie Aycliffe will be giving visitors a tour round Warped, Painting and the Feminine, the exhibition at Rugby Art Gallery, on Wednesday at 1pm.
The result is a design that evokes paintings by Piet Mondrian, the Dutch abstract painter who used blocks of primary colors.