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a New York school of painting characterized by freely created abstractions

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However, it is precisely the taste for lengthy accounts of the careers of such Abstract Expressionists that has set the wheels of publishing in motion for the present tome.
In its - pardon the pun - broad strokes, ``Pollock'' reveals the great abstract expressionist to have been the stereotypical genius/beast: selfish, self-destructive and often lacking rudimentary self-control.
His bold, abstract expressionist style expresses organic forms with an intuitive fluidity.
The direct Abstract Expressionist gesture means that each pictorial element represents only itself, and therefore the representation and what is represented are of equal size.
It includes more than 200 color reproductions of the pioneering abstract expressionist works.
A native New Yorker, he is the son of the late abstract expressionist painter John Ferren.
This is Abstract Expressionist territory: The meandering scrawl in Kentucky 12, 1951, and the tarry streaks in Vermont 166, 1987 (on view at Robert Mann Gallery), are so many brisk "expressions," fraught with unexpected, if unnameable, unconscious import.
Displayed chronologically, ``Out of Actions'' begins with Jackson Pollock's abstract expressionist masterpiece ``No.
None of this work has anything to do with the Abstract Expressionist notion of the canvas as an "arena in which to act," as Harold Rosenberg put it in his 1952 article "The American Action Painters.
Alfonso Cuaron, the director of the consistently gorgeous (and much better) ``A Little Princess,'' has updated the Victorian material like an abstract expressionist might restore a Renaissance fresco.
REDCAT'S inaugural show, though, is of a more traditional stripe: One of the LA art world's brightest lights, Ed Ruscha, will guest-curate a retrospective of work by one of its lesser-known stalwarts, Abstract Expressionist Emerson Woelffer (1914-2003).
De Kooning's abstract expressionist works included traces of the earlier surrealist movement and prefigured Pop art.
After all, he is part of a generation of artists (which also includes Roy Lichtenstein and Andy Warhol) who were determined to reject the expressive legacy of the Abstract Expressionist painters.
Even today, Pollock's abstract expressionist masterpieces suggest a dynamic interplay between randomness and precision, anarchic impulse and painstaking process.