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They grappled with serious abstract concepts meaningful to themselves and transformed them into visual, three-dimensional forms.
37) However, upon reflection this alone does not suffice for positive identification of the figure as "merely" an angel because in the period in question similar dress and wings also occur frequently in images of personified abstract concepts, and especially standard virtues.
For many people, the notion of 'investing' is an abstract concept," said Byers.
She addresses the issue from two perspectives: the abstract concept of human rights as standards and human rights in a variety of contexts.
Holekamp points out that a third-party relationship is an abstract concept, an understanding of which is thought by researchers to indicate highly developed levels of social intelligence.
I was young and thought I was immortal - you know, at that age, death is an abstract concept.
In Karmiloff-Smith's study, Williams syndrome toddlers likely encountered problems in grasping the abstract concept of a strange adult referring to an object that was about to be shown, she suggests.
Printronix expects this new facility to play a pivotal role in enabling our joint customers to take RFID from abstract concept to practical reality," said Robert A.
Between the abstract concept of sustainability and its concrete application in daily life, says Schuler, most people keep dropping the ball.
We readily forget the mental leap required to go from counting specific things such as apples to the abstract concept of number as an expression of quantity.
Many children had never encountered a blind person before but it's no longer an abstract concept.
The writer shows how to take this abstract concept and convince non-Jews of the threat to the West.
Emotion can be assigned to virtually every aspect of human life, be it hatred of someone's point of view or love of an abstract concept such as one's nation.
God may not be a person, but rather an abstract concept that manifests itself in a unique way.
While many of us think of karma as a simple, abstract concept, the authors of this book live by it as a serious force of the universe, and the point of Karmic Management is to teach the reader how to use the development of good karma to obtain favorable business results.