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1]) was uniformly applied (Table 1) and absolute ethanol (control) was applied to the rest of the filter papers.
Structure of compound 12, was further established by its reaction with o-aminophenol and/or p-aminopyridine in absolute ethanol to give the corresponding amide derivatives 14a-b, however its reaction with hydrazine hydrate gave the corresponding chromeno-pyrazole derivative (15) through elimination of one molecule of ethanol and ammonia.
3 Mortality after 7 days 0 0 * Clove oil was mixed with 50% absolute ethanol.
3 was obtained by using Mobile phase consist of a mixture 970 ml of n-Hexane, 30 ml of absolute Ethanol and 1 ml of diethylamine with Chiralpak AD-H 4.
Embolization with absolute ethanol resulted in direct thrombosis of the stomal varices, with no evidence of bleeding.
After three 5 min rinses in sulfite water, another 10 min wash in running tap water and dehydration through absolute ethanol, preparations were air-dried and mounted in oil or resin.
DTI-015 is a unique product that contains the chemotherapeutic drug carmustine, also known as BCNU, dissolved in absolute ethanol.
Conductivity water and absolute ethanol may be used without further purification to make up the required solvent compositions by mass.
7 L 33696500-0 Auction absolute ethanol open 1 February 24 48
The rats were pretreated with PA and subsequently exposed to acute gastric lesions induced by absolute ethanol.
This was followed by injection of 20mls of absolute Ethanol through the abdominal fistulous tract whilst, at the same time, normal saline was injected into the stent via a Foley's Catheter to dilute the alcohol within the lumen of the colon.
A sugar cane leaf collected from a tropical rain forest in Ghana was surface sterilised with absolute ethanol.
Various concentrations of absolute ethanol varying from 5 to 25 % (v/v) added to different flask of the same medium to constitute varying percentages of ethanol differing by 5 % (v/v) from one flask to the others.
Absolute ethanol, ammonia solution, maleic acid anhydride (MAA), divinylbenzene (DVB), and N-methyl-2-pyrrolidone (NMP) were used as received without further purification.