absolute value

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a real number regardless of its sign

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The challenge is to live an honourable life in a world that no longer has absolute values," he says.
We still are too obsessed with absolute values and frequently convince ourselves with 'good' average values, ins tead of examining the full range of values.
Parents claimed the program failed to teach absolute values, including that drug use is morally wrong.
Despite the element of chance and the resulting large fluctuations in value that characterize a random Fibonacci sequence, the absolute values of the numbers, on average, increase at a well-defined exponential rate.
MX Logic's patented technology accurately identifies and blocks spam because it employs a layered approach that weighs probabilities rather than just relying on absolute values.
s] are undistinguishable by the sizes of their absolute values, the idea of Stewart[ 17] was to store a new constant, namely,
Bill C-13 does pertain to absolute values because it deals with the beginning of human life, and whether to protect this life or destroy it for one or other reason such as medical research.
The gold anomalies in soils at San Enrique are considerably larger in both areal extent and in absolute values than those over the deposits discovered to the north.
In the sequel, given a matrix A, then [absolute value of A] denotes the matrix whose entries are the absolute values of the entries of A.
The Church's point, of course, is that these teachings are not just foibles for Catholics only but are absolute values based on the natural moral law which is obligatory for all people.