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By way of this decision, the judges are tightening their hold on administrative detainees, which, due to the absense of concrete evidence, the inability of the detainee to defend himself in court and the unlimited renewal of his/her detention term, constitutes a full negation of liberties and human freedom.
Winters says the rating actions have had a "chilling effect on our ability to grow" but "growth in the absense of profit is the wrong strategy.
As elected by the people, the president has a strong word to say in this very important discussion about the absense of justice.
It would be too simplistic to suggest that Olsson's absense means a defeat or that his presence guarantees points on the board.
Chad Barrett, who was the Galaxy's second leading scorer behind Donovan, is out injured and Magee should have even more attacking licence in his absense.
Dire special effects and the total absense of any real humour make this tale of a zookeeper getting dating advice from his animals painful to watch.
In absense of wind, natural gas will generate steam to spin the turbines.
Thus there would be a particular structure to answers to repeatedly issuing the same question in the absense of all learning (including learning by rote).
The proposal was put on the ballot prior to Apple's announcement Steve Jobs' indefinite leave of absense.
Thomas Bell-Wright, head of testing firm Bell-Wright International, said his concern is not the absense of extinguishers or their bad condition, but the false alarms that inure residents into complacency.
At the russian Eurobond market things also were kind of calm against the background of absense of important stats, and Russia 30 sovereign loan was drifting near the level of 119.
The recent absense of home internationals and the Auld Enemy derby means that only a quirk of international games has thrown the two nations together - Euro 96 and the playoffs for Euro 2000 being the notable examples.
For some apartment communities, it's a pool, a fitness center or proximity to public transportation, but at Ventura Lofts in Houston, the most popular amenity is the absense of community clutter--namely, wide, open spaces.
The legislation should stipulate who will replace the chair in her absense,\" he said.
Absense of QTc-interval-prolonging or hemodynamic effects of a single dose of bitter-orange extract in healthy subjects.