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Systematics of the North American desert species of Abronia and Tripterocalyx (Nyctaginaceae).
Anthocarp polymorphism and anatomy for nine species of Abronia found in California.
successful reintroduction of the related Abronia umbellata subspecies breviflora in beach-dune habitat in Oregon (McGlaughlin et al.
Germination of seeds has been examined in some species of Abronia (Went, 1948; Kaye, 1999; Drennan, 2008).
Abronia macrocarpa is no exception and is threatened by modification and destruction of habitat by humans.
Genetic variation and its relation to population size in reintroduced populations of pink sand verbena, Abronia umbelleta subsp.
Response to disturbance and habitat characterization of Abronia macrocarpa (Nyctaginaceae).
Endangered and threatened wildlife and plants: determination of endangered status for Abronia macrocarpa (large-fruited sand-verbena).
Like Abronia, Tripterocalyx produces umbellate inflorescences of salverform flowers with a showy limb and a narrow tube, which indicates that lepidopterans are likely pollinators.
Tillett (1967) and Galloway (1975) reported that some Abronia would mature anthocarps for all flowers on an umbel if even one flower on an umbel were fertilized, although most anthocarps would be empty.
Reproductive biology and pollination ecology of the rare Yellowstone Park endemic Abronia ammophila (Nyctaginaceae).
Self-incompatibility in Abronia macrocarpa (Nyctaginaceae).
Pollination biology of Abronia macrocarpa (Nyctaginaceae), an endangered Texas species.