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Synonyms for fold

go bankrupt


fold something in


Synonyms for fold

to bend together or make a crease in so that one part lies over another

to undergo sudden financial failure

to give in from or as if from a gradual loss of strength

to give way mentally and emotionally

a line or an arrangement made by the doubling of one part over another

Synonyms for fold

an angular or rounded shape made by folding

a group of people who adhere to a common faith and habitually attend a given church

a geological process that causes a bend in a stratum of rock

a group of sheep or goats


Related Words

a pen for sheep

Related Words

the act of folding

incorporate a food ingredient into a mixture by repeatedly turning it over without stirring or beating

cease to operate or cause to cease operating

confine in a fold, like sheep


Related Words

become folded or folded up

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Managed by our adaptive webpage extension, monetization partner ads are only delivered above the fold with 100% of creative in-view and cannot be scrolled away, providing maximum exposure time and impact without disrupting the viewer's experience.
On one morning, the cherubic face of 11-year-old Jacob Gonzales, who pleaded guilty to an armed robbery during which a 14-year-old shot a woman to death, greeted readers above the fold on page one; on another, the Times detailed the case of convicted murerer Shaul Linyear, 16, and printed numerous snapshots provided by his family.
Also included are new predictive drop down boxes to expedite visitors' searches and a layout that places most advertisers above the fold, providing users a quick view of search results.
The incremental ad space allow for the videos to be viewable above the fold all of the time providing an avenue for additional advertising inventory to increase revenue.
SLI's Dynamic Product Banners allow us to show a full catalog of products on the detail page above the fold, allowing customers to see related products they may want to purchase.
com has continued to make other design improvements to the product pages within the site, including: more content above the fold, faster navigation of the multiple tabs of content within the page, one-click access to mail-in rebate claim forms, and faster loading times and optimization for increased traffic.
In addition, our sponsors are pleased with the increased visibility due to the more prominent ad position above the fold, and our new ad spots are sold out.
With millions of Americans receiving some form of life-long payments and imminent health, personal and home needs arising, Clearview Funding stays above the fold in helping these individuals to achieve almost immediate financial success.
From our past experience we know that simply placing the search box above the fold on a WAP page doubles its usage.