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Synonyms for abortifacient

a drug (or other chemical agent) that causes abortion

causing abortion

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But some employers find it incompatible with their religious convictions to provide that health insurance when it means contracting with a company that then, by virtue of that very relationship, becomes obligated to pay for drugs regarded as abortifacients.
He speaks out as strongly against it as the Hippocratic Oath speaks out against abortifacients.
The HHS mandate imposes a "substantial burden" on the "exercise of religion" of those individuals and organizations who, for religious reasons, oppose covering contraceptives and abortifacients in the health insurance plans they provide.
Unlike other studies in IvIexico, (8), (10), (14) in which the drugs most frequently recommended as abortifacients were actually hormonal injections, a low proportion of the vendors in our study mentioned such injections.
SIR - With the pending Assembly referendum, we have been writing to our Assembly Members regarding abortion and particularly the abortifacient morning-after pill (MAP) which the Assembly Government is to provide free of charge at high street chemists, costing us, the tax payers and the NHS, pounds 25 a time.
Abortifacients are controlled drugs only prescribed by doctors to women who need them but these are smuggled illegally and sold for as high as RO500 per dose.
Although Chlamydophila abortus is a known etiologic agent of ruminant abortion, several novel species of Chlamydia-like organisms have recently emerged as putative ruminant abortifacients.
A random sample of pharmacists were interviewed about their background, their knowledge of medical abortifacients, requests for abortifacients in their pharmacy and sales of misoprostol.
However, there was one female pharmacist who refused to dispense abortifacients as a matter of conscience who made news.
The reason some people object to dispensing these pills is that they consider them abortifacients.
Pro-life groups object, saying that some contraceptives are actually abortifacients.
The volume not only contains a wealth of information about nineteenth' century reproduction products--condoms, douches, vaginal pessaries and sponges, spermicidal preparations, abortifacients, and early varieties of the diaphragm--and marketing networks, it also examines the cultural backlash that arose in response to the commercialization of reproductive technology.
In other words, "Big Brother" has ordered "Little Sisters" to become complicit in helping to prevent the beginning of lives by providing contraceptives, directly or indirectly, and/or in helping to end lives already begun by providing abortifacients.
They are chemical abortifacients, not "contraceptives" at all.
through semantic manipulation, openly promote abortifacients as contraceptives, hoodwinking overworked physicians and busy women alike.