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little known Kamarupan languages

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In locus C783T, the allele frequency of A was higher than that of B in Abor Acre chicken, Qingyuan Ma chicken and dwarf chicken, while in Huxu chicken and Guangxi Xiayan chicken the allele B was identified as the dominant one.
4% in 2006 (CBS, L abor Force Survey 2005; Press Release of February 28, 2007).
According to Horowitz, the purpose of ABOR is to "codify the tradition of academic freedom, to emphasize the value of 'intellectual diversity' already implicit in the concept of academic freedom; and, most important, to enumerate the rights of students to not be indoctrinated or otherwise assaulted by political propagandists in the classroom or any educational setting" (Horowitz 2004a, B12).
Drew Hill, the founder of environmental and energy consulting business The Abor Group (TAG) has inspiring words for all First Nations people.
Educational Technology faculty completed the necessary forms in the early spring of 1998 and sent them to the NAU provost for approval and then to the ABOR for consideration at their June, 1998 meeting.
The chapters dealing with Krick's initial explorations among the Abor tribe (now known as the Adis) in 1851 and his first journey to Tibet in 1851-52 are the most vivid of the book.
Designer Jean-Phillipe Clerc reports that the machine has been named Abor, which stands for Autonomous Beer-Opening Robot.
Solo nueve de los 198 participantes en el estudio, quienes representaban el 76% de todos los gineco-obstetras registrados en Nicaragua, creian an que el abor to terapeutico debe ser penalizado, y mas de 90% creian que existan casos en que el aborto terapeutico seria necesario para salvar la vida de una mujer.
Bellmont determines to increase the physical sign of racial difference by forcing Frado to l abor outside without "shield[ing] her skin from the sun" (39).
In 1998, these industries accounted for about 71% of jobs in the United States (Bureau of L abor Statistics, 2001a).
Ainsi, tant au centre de l'lle de Montreal que sur la rive sud, Greber respecte la structure urbaine existante, ne prevoyant d'expansion residentielle que dans les abor ds immediats des quartiers habites, lesquels avoisinent les secteurs industriels dont ils sont separes par un ecrean de verdure.
1%, which is not the result of differences in l abor market-related characteristics.
Within a specific-country model, capital, labor, and energy are combined to produce the nonenergy current good, while capital, l abor, and natural resources are combined to produce energy goods.
The declining proportions of males in full-time positions, the growth in part-time l abor by both males and females and the growth in the proportion of males in a deprived" income subcategory are among the observed trends.