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Synonyms for Abkhaz

a member of the Circassian people who live to the east of the Black Sea

an autonomous province of Georgia on the Black Sea

Circassian people living east of the Black Sea


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of or relating to Abkazia or its people or their language


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A borderline case is provided by nonfinite tenses in Abkhaz, as illustrated in (8) above, which combine only with a subset of postpositions (called "conjunctional postpositions" by Hewitt 1979).
Abkhaz has a so-called "definite-generic article," which is actually a prefix that occurs in between the demonstrative and the noun (Hewitt 1979: 57, 225).
Unlike the Ossetians, who were the majority in their small district, the Abkhaz were only 17% of the population in the autonomous region of Abkhazia.
Abkhaz authorities claimed that Russian ships had thwarted a Georgian attempt to seal the coastline of Abkhazia.
The Georgian war and the recognition of South Ossetian and Abkhaz independence raised fears among former Soviet republics that Russia might also intervene in other separatist conflicts, particularly in Pridnestrovie [Transdniester], wedged between Moldova and Ukraine along the banks of the Dnestr River, and Nagorno-Karabakh, an Armenian enclave within Azerbaijan.
Gamsakhurdia) and the stubbornness of Abkhaz nationalists determined to renew a century-old statehood (pp.
Several thousand individuals demonstrated in spring 1989 against an Abkhaz attempt at independence.
The possibility that Georgia is being used as a transit country for fighters and weapons is remote since Chechens assisted Abkhaz secessionists in their fight for independence against Georgia.
Ankvad said that Abkhaz officials had witnessed two shots from a grenadelauncher.
We will peacefully resolve our disputes with our long- suffering South Ossetian and Abkhaz citizens and the territories.
The GOC also complained that the ROC's Moscow Theological Seminary was training Abkhaz priests.
It accomplished little until mid-1995 when meetings with Abkhaz authorities began and efforts to launch an active human rights program (with UNDP cooperation) followed.
The leaders will discuss how best to support President Saakashvili and his peace initiatives on Abkhazia, and encourage, in particular, direct talks between the Georgian government and the Abkhaz.
As for the other candidates, the president of the Abkhaz National Security Unit, Aslan Bjania, got 35.
In the rocket-scarred suburb known as the "New Region" of the Abkhaz capital, it's hard to ignore the reminders of the war fought to break away from the former Soviet republic of Georgia in the early 1990s.