Abies balsamea

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medium-sized fir of northeastern North America

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The ninth manuscript presents the theme of the elastic behaviour of the wood of Acer rubrum and Abies balsamea, two Canadians woods, by Hernandez Maldonado and Sotomayor-Castellanos.
The present study and that reported in Houle (1995) on Abies balsamea and Acer saccharum shared the same design.
Stems of Abies balsamea, particularly the juvenile and mature stems, were more numerous in the lower section of the gradient.
Elastic behavior of Acer rubrum and Abies balsamea wood
ROW Impor- Browse tance prod- Browse in Stems Twigs uction use diet Browse /ha /ha (%) (%) (%) Abies balsamea 180 4,066 9.