abdominal cavity

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the cavity containing the major viscera

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Jim Tsaltas, president of the Australian Gynecological Endoscopy & Surgery Society (AGES), was contacted by his country's FDA equivalent to discuss the use of power morcellation freely in the abdominopelvic cavity.
Although both papers discuss the use of electromechanical power morcellation in the confines of a bag, the ACOG statement accurately notes that there is very little data regarding morcellation in a bag placed in the abdominopelvic cavity.
Experience with electromechanical power morcellation in a bag placed in the abdominopelvic cavity is now quickly developing.
The intra-operative risk of gut ischemia and the resulting post-operative symptoms and lack of normal bowl function are even more common following non-cardiac surgery of the abdominopelvic cavity, and in critically ill patients in the intensive care unit.