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Arpin across the face, and the latter drew a poignard from his pocket and stabbed Major Gally in the abdomen.
The top cosmetic surgery specialists at Beverly Hills Physicians provide expert body contouring for abdomens immune to dieting or working out
Red swamp crayfishes snap their abdomens with fanlike tails forward underneath their bodies to propel themselves backward through the water.
One look at these ants' colorful abdomens, and it's easy to see what they have eaten.
The abdomens of infected gliding ants bulge with hundreds of microscopic nematode eggs, while the color turns from black to maroon.
The Hawaiian representatives of this lineage are characterized by variably elongate abdomens and are mostly free-living, at least as adults, although a number have been found to occur, at least facultatively, as kleptoparasites on the webs of other spiders.
Such genes essentially tell other genes to get to work on making heads, abdomens, and tails.
Orb weavers are the most noticeable garden spiders because of their large size, enormous webs and the bright, symmetrical patterns on their abdomens.
This temporary abdominal closure (TAC) system enables surgeons to take control early in the management of challenging open abdomens, helping to achieve primary fascial closure.
The first poster showed that new techniques and protocols in definitively closing the abdomens of wounded Soldiers have reduced follow-up procedures and complications.
Abdomens of male Mecolaesthus longissimus Simon 1893 are on average more than twice as long as in females, their length is highly variable, and they show extremely steep allometric values when scaled on body size (OLS, b = 2.
The genes work together to keep fruit fly abdomens limbless.
Fireflies flash their glow-in-the dark abdomens to attract mates.
Patients with open abdomens result from complex abdominal pathologies including but not limited to abdominal compartment syndrome and trauma.