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Synonyms for abattoir


Synonyms for abattoir

a building where animals are butchered

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After the closing of Oshakati and Katima Mulilo Abattoirs in December last year, the two plants have re-opened for slaughter.
The system is being trialled in all assured abattoirs and some smaller independent abattoirs.
The RSPCA said it was working to bring in rules on mandatory CCTV installation in all abattoirs approved under its Freedom Food scheme, which consumers that for food, from -laying hens to een treated well es.
All abattoirs will open on the first day of Eid Al Adha right after prayer time until 4pm.
Dubai --The Dubai Abattoirs have called on the public to use authorised slaughterhouses affiliated to the Dubai Municipality (DM) ahead of the holy month of Ramadan.
Often, abattoirs spreads subsequent revenue losses across all its producers.
Following cuts unveiled in the UK government's spending review, the FSA is consulting on a move to full cost recovery for meat inspection controls in UK abattoirs.
The promotional pack is currently being run by a number of abattoirs signed up to the Eblex Quality Standard Scheme.
As the border to the United States remains closed, the pressing need for slaughter capacity grows stronger, particularly in the North where only provincial abattoirs exist.
The pressure group said that the Food Standards Agency's "inflexible interpretation" of the EU Food Hygiene Regulations, due to come into force next January could force many small abattoirs to close.
Struggling abattoirs may be forced to close, putting in jeopardy the future of rural businesses and farmers markets, due to stringent food safety laws.
Relatives of BSE victims and experts were last night horrified by the new revelations over abattoirs.
ABATTOIRS that fail to meet strict health standards must be closed down to avoid a deadly E-coli outbreak, safety experts warned yesterday.
The Plimsoll Portfolio Analysis - ABATTOIRS is a comprehensive evaluation of the French market.
Dubai: With Eid Al Adha approaching, abattoirs across the city have carried out last-minute preparations to perform animal sacrifices during the religious holiday.