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a deserted settlement (especially in western United States)

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Players are encouraged to work together in groups to keep crowds of zombies away from highways, abandoned towns and other locations, which tend to have the most valuable supplies.
It became almost an obligation to do something about the quake, to the point that doing something else was somewhat regarded as a sin," said Toshi Fujiwara, whose film No Man's Zone, about the abandoned towns in the Fukushima area, was shown in Berlin.
In and around Asia's most bustling cities lay hidden worlds filled with forgotten palaces and temples, abandoned towns and disused underground fortresses that shelter unbelievable relics and untold stories.
If you 've ever been fascinated by abandoned towns or deserted mining communities, visit www.
Irk "Las ruinas de Pompeya" Fernando Sanchez Drago returns to the theme of the journey throughout the abandoned towns of the province of Soria, following the now classic example of Camilo Jose Cela.