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a kind of hemp obtained from the abaca plant in the Philippines

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Philippine banana tree having leafstalks that yield Manila hemp used for rope and paper etc

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The coach is confident Abaka will return home with a medal as the boxer steps up training at Nakuru Armateur Boxing Club, popularly known as 'Madison Square Garden Gymnasium' in Nakuru ahead of next month's Commonwealth Gamesin Australia.
The message delay of ABAKA, ARGBV and RMAKA are bigger than our scheme.
Fighting only in his second sixround bout in his fledgling pro boxing career, he looked agile and sharp on his feet, not giving his much experienced rival Abaka any chance.
Below is an English translation of the recording I made of the interaction between Jerome Abaka, the director of the theatre group, and the spectator:
lt;<La langue armenienne dans le monde>>, Journal Abaka, 11 septembre 1995, p.
Launches A1c At Home[TM] Test Kit II-38 Integrated Technologies Launched ABAKA to Measure Glib II-39 Provalis Develops Glycosal II-39
KENYA BOXERSWomen - Elizabeth Andiego (middleweight), Lorna Kusa Simbi (welter), Christine Ongare (fly), Veronica Mbithe (light fly)Men - Shaffi Bakari (light fly), Elly Ajowi (heavy), Brian Agina ( fly), Nick Abaka (light heavy), Edwin Okong'o (middle), Nick Okoth (light weight), Benson Njagiru Gicharu (bantam)
coach Maina cited Nick Okoth (light weight), skipper Benson Gicharu (bantam), middleweight Nick Abaka and Elly Ajowi as his medal prospects.
Tenders are invited for O&m of cpwss to abaka & 09 other habitations est cost rs:11.
Haryana pugilist to take on Kenya's Abaka in AIBA event tonight
Kamunggay leaves young leaves Musaceae Musa paradisiaca Saging young leaves (shoots) Musa textilis Nee Abaka young shoot Myrtaceae Psidium guajava Bayabas leaves bark Syzygium malaccense (Linn.
Others are welterweight Jacob Kimathi (Prison), middleweight Edwin Okongo (KDF), light heavyweight Nick Abaka (KDF), heavyweight Elly Ajowi (Police) and super heavyweight Fredrick Ramogi (KDF).
Gicharu, who defeated Isaac Meja of KDF 3-0 in the recent trials, will be assisted by light heavyweight Nickson Abaka, who has been picked as the Commonwealth Games captain.
The best placing were three quarter-finalists - Shaffi Bakari (light fly), Elly Ajoi (heavy), Jacob Kimanthi (welter), Nick Okoth (light) and Nick Abaka (light heavy).