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an associate degree in applied science

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The Marine Nationale (French Navy) 'Mistral' class AAS is the result of a bilateral cooperation between French shipbuilder DCNS and its Republic of Korea counterpart STX.
Separate hierarchical regression analyses were conducted to predict physical activity as conceptualized and operationalized by the HPLP-II PA subscale (physical activity engagement) and the HAP AAS (physical activity capability).
38) Ranzano's Vita Vincentii (=BHL numbers 8657/8658) can be found in AASS, April, 1:481-510.
Shortly thereafter, other designer AASs, including tetrahydrogestrinone (THG) and desoxymethyltestosterone (DMT or madol), were also detected (6, 7).
The results obtained during this study are consistent with that of Ohimain [25] where the difference in the field pH and peroxide oxidation pH/dried pH of PASS and AASS narrowed and became similar (Table 2).
BOO BEE: (Titillating Thai lemon drink) and AASS BOCK beer from Norway (it's rear-ly good).
Having been an influential organizer and orator for many years, following the agents' convention Weld assumed a less visible though still significant role in abolitionism as an editor at the headquarters of the AASS in New York.
He also updates her "Double Double Trouble" in the May 2001 Kickshaws with Anne AASS, given in John Train's Remarkable Names of Real People.
This is a small pocket-sized book (the only big book in the aass (house) is the fone book riight
The list includes well-known brands like Paulaner Salvator, Ayinger Celebrator and Spaten Optimator, and sleepers like Aass Bock and Moretti La Rossa.
Time Topic Meetings of Social Affairs Minister, Wael Abu Faour, at his office in the Ministry: 9:30 Director General of the Norwegian Foreign Ministry and Ambassador Svein Aass, to tackle displaced Syrians issue 10:30 UN Secretary General Representative, Robert Watkins 11:30 Spanish Ambassador to Lebanon 12:00 UNICEF representative in Lebanon 12:30 World Bank delegation.
It's an important step in our view to alleviate widespread poverty prevailing among Palestinian refugees in Lebanon," said the Norwegian envoy, Svein Aass.
uk 55 rreessccuueedd aass bbooaatt ccaappssiizzeess FIVE people, one a young child, were rescued by a lifeboat after their boat capsized in the Menai Strait.