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United States politician who served as vice president under Jefferson


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Odom came to national fame in 2015 when he was the first to play Aaron Burr in the musical "Hamilton" at The Public Theater in New York City.
Caption: Windy Hill Manor was the home of Colonel Benijah Osmun, a personal friend and fellow soldier with Aaron Burr during the American Revolution.
The New York actor, currently playing the role of Aaron Burr in "Hamilton" landed on everyone's radar in November when he delivered a scripted curtain speech to Mike Pence when the vice president-elect attended the Broadway musical with his family.
He was thus responding to the incident in which actor Brandon Victor Dixon, that played vice president Aaron Burr, addressed the audience of the show.
After the performance of award-winning musical Hamilton, Brandon Victor Dixon - who plays the US's third vice president Aaron Burr - spoke directly to Pence from the stage.
After the show, Brandon Victor Dixon, who plays America's third vice president Aaron Burr, read a statement directed at Pence while standing in front of the cast in full costume.
Authors Jane Merrill and John Endicott present a comprehensive examination of the activities of Aaron Burr following his acquittal of treason in 1807.
Founding Father Alexander Hamilton is still making connections, long after his fatal encounter with Aaron Burr along the Hudson River in 1804.
12 Which leading US politician was killed in a famous duel by then vice-president Aaron Burr in 1804?
Hamilton has intellectual appeal, having written a majority of the essays in the Federalist Papers, and romantic appeal, having died of wounds he suffered in a duel with Aaron Burr.
That spirit of tolerance did not extend to Aaron Burr.
It's narrated by Aaron Burr, the man who would kill Hamilton.
The duels range from the biblical contest of Abel versus Cain to a fight between two whores in a New Orleans cathouse and to Alexander Hamilton's unseemly contest with Aaron Burr.
Of all the cases on which Marshall sat in his 34 years on the bench, the 1807 treason trial of Aaron Burr in Richmond, Virginia, over which he presided with district judge Cyrus Griffin, consumed more of his time and energy than any other, and prompted more legal opinion writing than any other (some 20 items in the Marshall Papers), including two of his longest, most significant constitutional opinions.
The first three presidents of the United States were the fathers of independence, George Washington, his vice president, John Adams, who later became president, and his vice president, Thomas Jefferson, who later became president, and his vice president during his first term, Aaron Burr.