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nocturnal burrowing mammal of the grasslands of Africa that feeds on termites

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Brunel University's Prof Justin Fisher told the Commons Constitutional Reform Committee: "It's the same principle as Yellow Pages - it's why you have lots of aardvark plumbers but few zoo plumbers.
Around 10 Brazilian aardvarks are believed to be living wild in Cumbria.
TOMORROW Dance Weekend: Ceilidh with the Aardvark Ceilidh Band, Fillongley Village Hall, 8pm-midnight, 02476 336740.
Aardvarks are nocturnal, relying on their senses of smell and hearing when searching for food after dark.
And chairmen who are already financing the ludicrous lifestyles of the underperforming millionaires they promised the aardvarks and the acrobats to last year, are worried sick that unless they make pounds 20million instantly available, the fans will call for a lynching.
MDM's mobile Britannica Concise Encyclopedia features more than 24,000 different entries on everything from aardvarks to zydeco and 900+ photos, maps, tables and illustrations.
It was the Lancers' first trip to the state semifinals, and the third year in a row that they fell to Aardvarks in the playoffs.
This follows the success of last year's weekend event organised by Coventry Morrisman and Aardvarks member Pete Grassby to celebrate his 50th birthday.
Using that line of reasoning, an international team of scientists contends that markers in the genes of three proteins suggest a single African ancestor for animals as diverse as elephants and aardvarks.
It transpires they are both imposters because aardvarks are nocturnal and are never seen during daylight hours.
From the aardvarks to the quetzals, warthogs, and zebras, each animal corresponding to a saw a different thing.
The aardvark appealed to me because no one had ever done anything about aardvarks.
We'll know our site's a hit when people start identifying themselves as Aardvarks.
Nose decides to start running, and in its bid for freedom begins sneezing out aardvarks, alligators, and more.