Aaland islands

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an archipelago of some 6,000 islands in the Gulf of Bothnia under Finnish control

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the League of Nations' resolution of the Aaland Islands issue.
of Jurists Entrusted by the Council of the League of Nations with the Task of Giving an Advisory Opinion upon the Legal Aspects of the Aaland Islands Question, League of Nations Doc.
Many commentators overlook or obscure these aspects of the Aaland Islands reports.
The champagne will be auctioned by France's Artcurial action house at the Alandica Congress and Cultural Centre in Mariehamn, Aaland Islands, at 3 p.
94) Convention Relating to the Non-Fortification and Neutralisation of the Aaland Islands art.
According to Article 299(5) EC, the Treaty applies to the Aaland Islands in accordance with the provisions set out in Protocol 2 of Act of Accession of 1994 which includes certain derogations.
affirming a strong concept of state sovereignty, Aaland Islands did
As such, Aaland Islands stated that the principle of
self-determination--highlighted in the Aaland Islands case (90)--is
and minority rights first declared in the Aaland Islands case.
58) For an in-depth historical review of the Aaland Islands case,
sovereignty, the Aaland Islands opinion did decide that the League of
The Aaland Islands only reacted in 2007, after the opening of the second infringement procedure.
35) A more specific indication of collective enforcement was the, agreement between Finland and Sweden relating to the population of Aaland Islands, under which the Aaland Landsting had the right of petition.
1919, in Protection: Provisions, 90,93-94; the Aaland Islands under League of Nations guarantees (based on a Finnish-Swedish bilateral treaty, approved by a Council resolution of 27 June 1921), in Protection: Provisions, 17; the Memel region (Lithuania) under Article 2 of the Convention concerning the Territory of Memel, 8 May 1924 and Article 1 of Annex I thereof, No.