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an antiviral drug (trade name Retrovir) used in the treatment of AIDS

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The Chinese-made AZT, which should be taken in conjunction with two other medicines as an antiretroviral ''cocktail,'' will initially be made available to patients in special HIV/AIDS hospitals, it said.
Experts are now worried that giving AZT to patients with the new class of virus will make HIV more difficult to treat.
The AZT treatment immediately made [him] very ill, causing intractable diarrhoea and vomiting, intense headache, profound lassitude, anaemia, muscle weakness with cramps and pain, and progressive weight loss.
A judge ordered Tyson to give her son AZT for six weeks and to refrain from breast-feeding him.
Approved January 4, 1996 for the treatment of adults with HIV infection who have undergone prolonged treatment with AZT.
While there is an emerging trend towards giving AZT and 3TC to pregnant women living with HIV, Lea notes that 3TC resistance is common and more research is necessary on drugs such as Nevirapine.
As against the study designers, Lurie and Wolfe claim that the short course AZT should be compared not to placebo, but rather to the 076 regimen itself, because an equivalency study will yield "even more useful results than placebo-controlled trials, without the deaths of hundreds of newborns that are inevitable if placebo groups are used.
The study, which included 2,834 mother-infant pairs in France, found that of the 1,917 mothers who did not receive AZT, 17.
Ho, Wilfert and many others have taken issue with the comparison with the Tuskegee study because, among other differences, the subjects in the AZT studies are told that some will get dummy pills.
They've been given placebos, and have been deprived of any AZT whatsoever.
In the United States, approximately 25 percent of pregnant HIV-infected women not receiving AZT therapy have passed on the virus to their babies.
Two North American and two European studies, involving more than 850 patients, showed the advantages of AZT and 3TC over AZT alone or over the combination of AZT and ddC [ILLUSTRATION FOR FIGURE 2 OMITTED], as measured using viral load and CD4 T cell counts.
The three drugs currently available for use in combating AIDS infection - AZT, DDI, and DDC - are limited by their toxic side effects.
Utilization equations are estimated for AZT use, outpatient care, and hospitalization.