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one who is away or absent without leave

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absent without permission


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It was not immediately clear why Serohijos was in Cebu City after he went AWOL.
Given the deteriorating security situation in Afghanistan and the fact that Afghan trainees who violate the terms of their visas suffer virtually no consequences for going AWOL (except for the possible return to Afghanistan),' says the report.
The relatively high AWOL rate among Afghan trainees, particularly since 2015, also has undermined the combat readiness and morale of Afghan military and police units, the report said.
A third of AWOL participants arrive through the juvenile justice system and 90% of those get off probation without new referrals to court, resulting in $500,000 in funding over the years.
Went AWOL June 2005 to resist Iraq redeployment, later won honorable discharge.
The chair of the Hampton Town Committee is criticized by Tom McGuirk the town's AWOL state rep, thusly: "I feel as if was misled when I was asked to run by Gary Patton.
The private was arrested in Crumlin, Dublin, on Tuesday after being AWOL for two months He was held by gardai on suspicion of handling illegal firearms.
Military police specialist Suzanne Swift on Wednesday was formally sentenced to 30 days in jail and reduced in rank back to private for staying AWOL in Oregon last winter while her unit was sent to Iraq.
Profiles on the site guide prospective pet owners browsing listings but they are invaluable for those whose dogs and cats have gone AWOL.
ELEVEN soldiers have gone AWOL from a Midland infantry since it was announced they would be returning to Iraq.
AWOL rates were lower than those of reunification and adoption, and remained relatively stable over time.
AWOL surveys the history, nature, and military policies that contribute to the military experience, arguing that the lack of connection between the military and the ruling elite is becoming a serious issue.
They feel directly threatened, and they're willing to go AWOL at work and risk their livelihood to demand fair treatment.
Brilliantly narrated by Cara Pifko, technically flawless production values, and a strongly recommended addition to community library audiobook collections, A Complicated Kindness is Miriam Toews' deftly written novel about a teenage girl going AWOL in Mennonite Country which is now available in a 3-disc CD format with a total running time of four hours.
THE EUROPEAN fad of inhaling liquor vapor through a contraption known as AWOL (for Alcohol Without Liquid) hasn't exactly taken the U.