voltage regulator

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a transformer whose voltage ratio of transformation can be adjusted

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To ease the design process and accelerate time-to-market, Atmel offers a complete STK600 starter kit and development system for the ATmegaS128 AVR MCU giving designers a quick start to develop code on the AVR with advanced features for prototyping and testing new designs.
Historically, the AVR was thought to be a good measure to describe retinal vessel geometry being proposed by Stokoe and Turner in 1966.
For the right idea, AVR would provide loans/ equity, and space, in one of its retail shopping centers to develop the idea.
An ENERGY STAR partner since 2006, AVR was honored for its work in building energy-efficient hew homes that meet ENERGY STAR guidelines.
the left ventricle and aorta just before AVR ranged from 31 to 72 mm Hg (average 47 [+ or -] 16; median 40).
Our customers continue to require software support for all AVR microcontrollers, especially for touch buttons, sliders and wheels solutions," said Arild Rodland, AVR Product Marketing Manager, Atmel Corporation.
The combined analysis and forensics capabilities of CLASS 5 AVR and CATIE provide an in-depth forensics tool available to all levels of the enterprise.
IAR Embedded Workbench for AVR is a complete set of high-performance C/C++ development tools with extensive support for devices in all AVR families.
We are proud to introduce the VIEVU AVR technology to be used with our best-in-class video system, which provides transparency and protection to police officers and communities around the world," said Steve Ward, President of VIEVU.
For further information on the AVR product family, visit www.
AVR Realty was chosen as the designated developer of this site through an RFP process from the New York City Economic Development Corporation.
The AT90SC6464C-USB is built around Atmel's innovative AVR 8-bit RISC processor, with 64K Bytes of on-chip Flash memory and 64K Bytes of EEPROM.
In addition to enhanced viewing capabilities, the AVR 1565, AVR 1650, AVR 2650 and AVR 3650 feature the Harman Kardon([R]) brand's proprietary Logic 7[R] sound processing, providing rich and powerful 360-degree sound.