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abnormally rapid heartbeat (over 100 beats per minute)

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2) Our patient presented with an AVNRT followed by profound hypotension and ultimately, cardiogenic shock and diffuse right and left ventricular ST segment changes that persisted even when she was in sinus rhythm.
Approval was based on safety and efficacy data presented at a meeting of the FDA's Circulatory System Devices Panel in March, where the expert panel recommended 7-3 that the device be approved for treating AVNRT, with conditions including one that the manufacturer reestablish a patient registry to monitor the incidence of heart block and other adverse events.
Conclusion: In patients with AVNRT undergoing slow pathway ablation, the duration of atrial electrogram >40 ms and slow junctional beats with cycle length >550 ms during the application of RF energy describe the electrophysiological properties of successful slow pathway RF ablation.
Next to AVNRT arrhythmias, Atrial Flutter is the second most commonly ablated arrhythmia in the world.
AVNRT is the most prevalently ablated arrhythmia in the U.
John Seger successfully performed the first US transcatheter cryoablation procedure in a 32 year old female with AVNRT, after FDA approval for commercial release was granted the previous week.
we are confident that our aggressive marketing and sales strategies will achieve our commercial objectives - which include Freezor ultimately becoming the technology of choice for AVNRT ablation procedures.