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Synonyms for malformation

a disfiguring abnormality of shape or form

Synonyms for malformation

something abnormal or anomalous


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This result suggested that AVM was indeed incorporated into CA/AVM ultrafine fibers, and there might be some interaction between AVM and CA molecules in the composite fibers.
There is a recognized phenomenon of AVM expansion during puberty in both sexes that is attributed to hormonal effects (1).
If you'd like more information about their Custom AVM solutions, or to schedule an interview with them, please email them at: contact@homequant.
Press contact: Jodie Robinson Marketing Manager AVM Impact Jodie.
The goal of therapy is complete obliteration of the nidus and this may be attempted by surgical excision, intravascular embolotherapy or radiotherapy depending on the characteristics of the AVM and operative risk.
After importing AVM technology, companies can estimate product quality and monitor the effectiveness by a machine's parameter before the real metrology.
Caplin got to know CoreLogic because it underwrote the AVM Cascade paper, and so he declares, "Everything that I saw tells me there is no one who could quite match CoreLogic in the AVM space.
Although AVM developers are working to make products that can actually compete with appraisers, that possibility is far into the future.
AVMs and intracranial aneurysms may also lead to intracranial hemorrhage (2).
The guidelines state that "an AVM may be used for a transaction provided the resulting evaluation meets all of the supervisory expectations in the Evaluation Development and Evaluation Content sections in the Guidelines.
AVM Chimechefulam Onyemaobi, officially the Chief of Standards and Evaluation at the NAF Headquarters, transfers to Makurdi as the Air Officer Commanding Tactical Air Command.
The Interagency Appraisal and Evaluation Guidelines, while affirming a place for automated valuation models (AVM) as part of the collateral risk process J in the mortgage industry, also provided some conditions as to how AVMs can be properly used.
With over 20 years of expertise in AVM and Computer Assisted Mass Appraisal (CAMA) modeling, Sid is a recognized leader in the field.
Box manufacturer AVM of Germany is taking part in World IPv6 Day.
Every time I, or another AVM advocate, goes first with a presentation," recalls Bozorgi, "the moderator turns to the appraiser representative, who then says something to the effect, 'I am a large supporter of AVM technology because it is helpful to my work.