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Synonyms for delay

Synonyms for delay

to cause to be later or slower than expected or desired

to go or move slowly so that progress is hindered

the act of putting off or the condition of being put off

the condition or fact of being made late or slow

Synonyms for delay

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Optimal electrode position, AV and VV delays for each pathology using both sequential search and Downhill Simplex Algorithm for the Visible Man model Pathology Pacing AV delay, VV delay, ERMS, lead ms ms ms AV block -0% RA 100 20 3.
The third method is the iterative method where the operator starts with an AV delay programming that causes ventricular pre-excitation.
Other competitive features include SMART Success IEGM storage, Mode Conversion with programmable ventricular rate support, Dynamic AV Delay to mimic normal physiologic shortening with exercise, Real-time IEGMs to facilitate troubleshooting and programming, along with a sophisticated EP Test Mode to evaluate defibrillation therapy thresholds and the efficacy of anti-arrhythmic drug therapy.
AV delay and V-V interval are dynamically changed through an automated closed-loop optimization process, using the neural network processor input of the individual patterns, to constantly optimize patient's cardiac output and quality of life.
In addition to the SMART Detection(TM) Algorithm, the PHYLAX AV provides dual-chamber pacing with Dynamic Hysteresis and Dynamic AV Delay to optimize hemodynamics.
The BEST LIVING system can monitor and optimize therapy effectiveness and has the unique ability to determine the best stimulation configuration as well as AV Delay and VV interval.