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a terrorist organization in Colombia formed in 1997 as an umbrella for local and regional paramilitary groups

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Rehab Saad, Director of Media Relations at AUC, said the university has undertaken austerity measures since 2011 due to a lack of international student admissions.
Vice President Hurmali reaffirmed the commitment of the GYV to closely work with the AUC towards the two institutions' common goals as well as in the pursuit of the human rights of the African people as provided for in the AUC Strategic Plan and the AU Vision 2063.
The cooperation between ICD and AUC will constitute a platform to strengthen ties between the respective regions and facilitate a consultative / advisory process to address issues that stand in the way of promoting investment and trade flows between ICD and AUC Members States.
The President of the Republic also voiced wish to see the AUC backs Tunisia's proposal to create an International Constitutional Court, especially as the United Nations included this proposal in the subjects to be raised during its 22nd Summit set for January in New York, the same source adds.
In the study, the insulin total AUC was 12,322 microIU/mL x 180 minutes on no-breakfast days, compared with 8,882 microIU/mL x 180 minutes on breakfast days.
As for the question on the coordinating board's authority to approve professional programs like those sought by AUC, the senator is mulling a request for an opinion from the attorney general.
KUNA library has also downloaded up to 9,000 recordings from the AUC as part of the information sharing, according to the paper.
He added an agreement with the AUC and the Arab League was already in the pipeline and another with the GCC specifically could be on the cards.
The AUC Envoy hailed HRH the Premier's world status which earned him international honour and globally acknowledged awards.
Table 5 Intercorrelations Among the Demographic Variables of Political Party Affiliation and Regular Church Attendance and the AuC Values for the Seven Commodities (n=199) PP Church Abortion AA CC affiliation attendance AuC AUC AuC Political * .
Since 1978, AUC has provided with medical education, and now has more than 4,000 graduates practicing medicine throughout the world.
Most of the concert goers are AUC students and their friends and tickets for the event were sold out the moment they announced sales.
Thus AUC extends ADR by capturing data on incremental adenomas beyond the first one detected, said Dr.
Summary: T HE American University in Cairo Press will today host the Tahrir Book Fair on the AUC Tahrir Campus until April 3, during which one hundred local and foreign exhibitors, including the AUC Press, will be sell- ing books in English, Arabic and other languages, directly to the public.