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Thus, while it is accurate to say that the ATV manufacturers complied with the consent decree, it is also valid to conclude that a greater danger lurked within the machines' design.
Oregon law does not require helmet use by ATV riders older than age 18, although ATV safety groups recommend helmets, eye protection, padded clothing and sturdy boots for all ATV users.
We recommend all ATV riders wear a helmet and all undertake some training.
Working out of a cramped Alder Street garage, tucked behind Northern Breweries on Lorne Street, the partners believe they are one of a handful of companies in Canada that produces high-performance axles for the ATV market.
Both ATV advocates and opponents are passionate about their views on what should be done about the problem, but it may be that CPSC has done all it can do.
Just check out the ATVs -- and other multi-purpose all terrain vehicles -- highlighted in the following roundup by bowhunter and Primedia Outdoor Group coworker Mike Carney.
If ignorance is part of the ATV problem, education could be part of the solution.
First, it provides a history of the ATV industry, including an examination of ATV sales and of deaths and injuries from ATV accidents, and it includes a content analysis of ATV print advertising.
A recent CPSC study found interesting evidence about age, gender and location of ATV riders involved in reported, fatal ATV accidents.
The two cargo transport systems developed by Thales Alenia Space will overlap at the Space Station for around thirty days: the ICC for the ATV and the Cygnus Pressurized Cargo Module (PCM), developed for NASA by Orbital Sciences Corporation and Thales Alenia Space, and launched on July 13.
There are more than 500 ATV enterprises in China now and about 120 of them have the export qualification.
Most states prohibit ATV operators from using state highways (except to cross them), although 11 states make exceptions for farmers and certain work-related purposes.
In an email, Fire Chief Joseph Flanagan said a group of ice fishermen were bringing their ATV and equipment off the pond when the ATV broke through the ice approximately 30 feet from shore.
Implementing the CASI training curriculum is vital to our ongoing endeavors to ensure safe and responsible ATV use in Canada.