automated teller machine

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an unattended machine (outside some banks) that dispenses money when a personal coded card is used

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Baig said banks have planned to deploy another 500-600 ATM machines in the ongoing year 2015.
I then tried to withdraw a second time and saw another man (the defendant) using an ATM machine near me.
1 million from ATM Machine similarly Shabir Ahmed operation manager of another private bank has filled report with Racecourse police that Rs.
He told prosecutors the men tricked him into believing they were bankers based in China and were in Bahrain to check security procedures of the ATM machines.
The bank which was targeted estimated the damage inflicted on the ATM machine located in Sitra at BD20, 586, while Sanad ATM machine sustained damage estimated at BD19, 510.
Mr Shakoor said that 11 ATM machines in Coventry were targeted by the gang either late at night or early in the morning when customers could not go inside to report their card had been swallowed.
The bank or the financial institution that deploys an ATM for the use of the public shall ensure that the ATM machine is equipped with a currency acceptor that can receive bills of various denominations," Ahmad Al Ali, an ATM technician, told Gulf News.
The unit of judicial police has dismantled a terrorist cell composed of three individuals from the area of Agouray [near Meknes] who were plotting to carry out criminal acts of sabotage and arson attacks on security and administrative buildings and ATM machines," the ministry said in a statement.
Summary: DUBAI - Emirates NBD, and its subsidiary Network International announced, that all its ATM machines in the UAE have been enabled with the Dynamic Currency Conversion, or DCC service, to reflect the amount in the cardholder's billing currency for foreign credit cards.
The new ATM machines that are equipped with biometric scanners (fingerprint reading) are predominantly considered as more secured.
user of a new application that allows its members to visually locate ATM machines with an iPhone.
F) has said that it is planning to do away with its self-service payment ATM machines.
MAKKAH: A 25-year-old man has been arrested for attempting to destroy ATM machines in the Al-Mansour and Umm Al-Joud neighborhoods of Makkah on Sunday.
BANKS across Dublin and elsewhere in the east say they have enough cash reserves to keep their ATM machines stocked.
So it's important to identify which banks and ATM machines will recognize this type of card.