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of southern Europe

cobra used by the Pharaohs as a symbol of their power over life and death

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like how to use the server controls, validate user entries, manage state, use master pages, make ASP.
This site provided a converter for conversion of HTML to ASP.
The SCAAS framework is the core component of the SCAAS system and is based on Microsoft's Forms Authentication model for authentication and authorization of ASP.
DevPartner SecurityChecker is a security assessment tool that accelerates the development of secure ASP.
NET' by Jesse Liberty and Dan Hurwitz focuses on the aspects of ASP.
This guide to developing dynamic websites with ASP.
This guide for beginning to intermediate developers gives 24 hour-long lessons on how to build web solutions using ASP.
Infragistics has worked closely with Microsoft to ensure constant compatibility in anticipation of the Official release of ASP.
Written especially for professional programmers, Murach's ASP.
TELECOMWORLDWIRE-8 August 2005-WebFusion launches ASP.
As the book points out, the transition from ASP to ASP.
netPro is being designed to cover the software development and platform issues currently facing the ASP.
Syncfusion will showcase its latest HTML 5-enhanced controls from its ASP.
They are bringing URL rewriting functionality to ASP.