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a text file that contains only ASCII characters without special formatting

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For the import of ASCII text files there are additional submenu options and an ASCII import wizard.
The RF generator drivers are ASCII text files containing particular RF generator IEEE 488 commands arranged in a specific format.
The output can be directed to a printer, the screen, or an ASCII text file.
These hard disk menu programs are built around an ASCII text file called MENU.
The data may also be exported as an ASCII text file format for use in spreadsheets.
After completing your cabling drawing, use the OrCAD PARTLIST utility to create an ASCII text file.
The listing is saved by the word processor as a standard Apple ASCII text file.
From the Reliance GPS, we downloaded an ASCII text file into AutoCAD Map, a task supported by GenMap's import function," Weber said.
Any ASCII text file may be faxed, such as a LOTUS spreadsheet that has been printed to a file, also WordPerfect, MS Word, Dbase reports, virtually any output that can be directed to a file.
One of the nice features of KnowledgePro is its ability to create a hypertext document quite easily from an ASCII text file.
MemO also produces an ASCII text file for each memory configuration that fully documents the shared-memory region.
Data may also be exported via an ASCII text file into Time Line, On Target, Project Scheduler 6, CA-SuperProject, or SureTrak Project Scheduler for traditional project scheduling and tracking.
Data may be entered into the program either manually or by import of ASCII text files.
The DOS version works with ASCII text files which can be generated easily by most word-processors.