ASCII character set

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(computer science) 128 characters that make up the ASCII coding scheme

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To get a feel for the potential impact of this, imagine the consequences if one company owned the rights to the ASCII character set.
The only way to get around this problem is to encode the binary file before sending it, so that the resulting file contains only the 128 characters that form the basic ASCII character set.
They can contain any element of the standard ASCII character set.
The benefit of this standard is that all computers using the ASCII character set can exchange files.
A special requirements was the need for the network and its terminal equipment to support the American Library Association (ALA) ASCII character set which incorporates diacritic marks and other special symbols used when cataloging library materials.
The software for handling the input of Chinese characters may allow several such options for character input, including the ASCII character set, and thus requires software to handle each such option.
FabulaRosa is designed to create High Definition (HD) passwords within the range of a maximum length of 850 characters taken from the UTF16 character set, or a minimum length of 10 characters taken from the ASCII character set.