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of or relating to a system to destroy satellites in orbit

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ASAT specializes in the development and manufacturing of clean burning biomass cookstoves.
China's PLA (People Liberation Army) has amassed military units and begun initial operational training with counter space capabilities that it has been developing, such as ground-launched ASAT missiles.
Weapons for space involve more than just ASAT systems, but these are the most overt signs of China's progress," said former Acting CIA Director John McLaughlin to Cipher Brief earlier in January.
Chinese ASAT tests have succeeded to the point that they are now designed to miss their targets.
The article does not strive to reach a conclusion regarding how much the discussed strategic roles and other relevant factors impact the ASAT proliferation in quantitative terms and relative to each other.
This article tests those assumptions by critically examining the challenges involved in executing an ASAT attack versus the limited potential benefits such action would yield for China.
The Current Threat and the Future of China's ASAT Ambitions
A forecaster looking at the ASAT would be drawn to the period of significant SA values around 0000 UTC 22 January (Fig.
DRDO contends it can develop ASAT weapons if required by marrying the propulsion system of the over 5,000-km Agni-V missile with the "kill vehicle" of its two-tier BMD (ballistic missile system) system.
A further historic precedent for the ASAT concept lies in T.
In return to passing the debt claim to Biofrontera, ASAT will receive 385,000 new Biofrontera shares.
Brett Biddington from Australia examined India's motivations for developing ASAT (Anti-Satellite) capabilities and examined some of the implications for the "sub-continent, for the broader global and regional security balances, for the international diplomacy of space, and specifically for Australia".
However, under the section entitled "China's Test and Its Legal Ramifications," the author claims that "China's recent ASAT test offers an example of another type of attack: the 'kinetic energy weapon' " (p.
Eight players including WCM Saduakassova Dinara of Kazakhstan, Vigram M of India, FM Al Tarbosh Ward and Eiti Bashir of Syria, Sultan Ebrahim of UAE, Goryachkina Aleksandra, CM Sanal Vahap of Turkmenistan and Soyunlu Narmin Asat Qizi of Azerbaijan are half a point behind the leader.