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(computer science) a kind of computer architecture that has a relatively small set of computer instructions that it can perform

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AMD has introduced a new 64-bit ARM Chip for the data center.
The latest ARM chips are made using the 28-nanometer process.
Intel introduced its Atom Z2760 chip -- also known as Clover Trail -- an energy-efficient processor designed for use in Microsoft Windows 8 tablets that the company intends to serve as an alternative to ARM chips.
The availability of Windows for ARM chips for the first time is designed to help Microsoft expand Windows into this fast growing sector.
While forecasting about 150 billion ARM chips worldwide by 2020 based on a connected world that is very complex and diverse, Brown said, 'On one end of this scale, micro-controller is powering the Things of Internet and costing less than 50 cents.
ARM chips dominate the global mobile phone and smart phone market and the new and growing "tablet" market.
Chip designer ARM Holdings was hit by global growth fears - despite Microsoft previewing its new Windows 8 software, which will be powered by ARM chips.
ARM chips are used in the vast majority of the world's mobile phones.
Companies like Dell and Lenovo have already announced tablets with Arm chips.
The OS will run on x86 and ARM chips, and all web-based applications will automatically work while new ones can be written using existing web technologies.
CEO Warren East said ARM has yet to see a general hardening in prices across the semiconductor sector, although pricing for ARM chips was hardening a bit, mainly due to a changing mix.
ARM Holdings, the microchip designer, jumped 17p to 279p after telling the stock market that Texas Instruments and Intel had signed new licensing agreements for ARM chips.
ARM chips can now run more than 30 operating systems including PalmOS, Psion's EPOC32 and Windows CE.
But only recently has it become evident that ARM chips - and other mobile processors - might also be suitable for running certain types of server loads.
While Meltdown is an Intel Specific flaw affecting processors dating back a decade, the Spectre bug will affect almost everything running Intel, AMD, and ARM chips.