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Immunoglobulins in APLA can be used in selected cases.
APLA has addressed organizational priorities and leadership competency development needs simultaneously.
64) For doubts, see APLA Ltd v Legal Services Commissioner (NSW) (2005) 224 CLR 322, 452-54 [384-89] (Hayne J); J Goldsworthy, 'Implications in Language, Law and the Constitution', above n 2, 170; J Kirk, 'Constitutional Implications (I): Nature, Legitimacy, Classification, Examples' (2000) 24 Melbourne University Law Review 645, 651-52, 656-57 and 676.
The arrests in Swaziland and Botswana crippled the underground network that had been effective in recruiting APLA guerrillas and sending them into South Africa.
The findings indicate that sFlt-1 and sEng are biomarkers predictive of preeclampsia in patients with lupus and/or APLA and that "imbalances [in the levels of these biomarkers] early in pregnancy increase the vulnerability of these patients to preeclampsia," said Dr.
85) Levy v Victoria (1997) 189 CLR 579 ('Levy'); Coleman (2004) 220 CLR 1; APLA (2005) 224 CLR 322.
However, a positive in this unpalatable historical fact is a sense of solidarity by ANC inmates who shared their resources with APLA combatants even though they belonged to different formations--never mind that a few ANC cadres resented this.
For example, the Mpowerment program at APLA faced an incident in which one of the boys in the program was considering suicide as a result of tensions in his family surrounding being gay.
However, some general features emerged from the survey of former members of statutory and non-statutory forces: SADF (now SANDF), TBVC Defense Forces, MK, APLA, AZANLA, Self-Defense Units (SDUs) (4) and Inkatha Protection Units.
The capacity of the non-SADE forces (MK, APLA and the TBVC armies) to influence the restructuring process and to impel the SANDF to engage the TRC process on a more serious basis was limited by the positions within which they were placed within the SANDF during the integration process; the de facto authority which these posts carried; and by the training requirements which they were required to fulfil prior to being confirmed in their ranks.
They believed that by killing civilian whites, APLA was sending a serious political message to the (white) government of the day," the judges said.
As my adult daughter Sarah (a dead ringer for Amy Biehl) and I climbed the steps of the Supreme Court for the first of many days observing the courtroom proceedings, we were accosted by a few dozen APLA and PAC-affiliated youth chanting and toyi-toying.
APLA testing criteria perfectly match the priorities of such people, in my opinion.
From helping to found the New York chapter of the National Organization for Women in 1966, all the way down to her cofounding AIDS Project Los Angeles [now APLA Health] in 1983, Ivy has lent her considerable talents to raising LGBTQ folks up where we belong.
Based on the clinical and laboratory findings, we made a definite diagnosis of primary APLA syndrome.