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Synonyms for complex

Synonyms for complex

consisting of two or more interconnected parts

a usually large entity composed of interconnected parts


a center of organization, supply, or activity

an exaggerated concern


Synonyms for complex

a conceptual whole made up of complicated and related parts


Related Words

a compound described in terms of the central atom to which other atoms are bound or coordinated

(psychoanalysis) a combination of emotions and impulses that have been rejected from awareness but still influence a person's behavior

a whole structure (as a building) made up of interconnected or related structures

complicated in structure


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One thing that the APCC had in common with the first convention I went to was the attendance of comic book artists.
Included with both versions of APCC is Horizons, a program that lets you download ephemeris elements for solar system objects as well as satellites and then automatically track them.
One of our hypotheses on APCC generation is that a mutation in ZG cells blocks ZG to ZF transdifferentiation, which causes the accumulation of mutant ZG cells and, thus, APCC formation [4].
After the APCC, the couple plans to exhibit their eye-catching vehicles at the Mini showroom in Bonifacio Global City in Taguig and to use the cars themselves.
The specific new communications included (1) an electronic monthly "current awareness" newsletter, the APCC Evidence Alert, that shared recent clinical questions answered by the service and key developments in the primary care literature; (2) more frequent visits by the librarian to the clinic during resident clinic hours to strengthen the potential educational impact of the service; and (3) collaborations between the librarian and internal medicine residents to prepare for morning report presentations.
APCC is the national trade association representing about 1,000 owners, operators, suppliers and manufacturers of public communications equipment and services.
Line up for Hall M passes as soon as you enter the APCC grounds, a limited number is up for grabs.
Returning to APCC Manila is Filipino-American comic book artist and writer Portacio, who has done notable works, including the titles 'Uncanny X-men,' 'X-Factor,' 'The Punisher,' among others.
She believes the APCC marks the start of a long-term relationship that could benefit all concerned.
The Ministry of Finance and the Planning Commission had previously planned to hold the APCC meeting tentatively in the last week of April and finalised broad outlines of the development programme.
Karna, sent by APCC president Bhubaneswar Kalita to take stock of the situation in Kokrajhar following the murder of two Muslim student leaders in Anthihara in the Bodoland Territorial Areas District ( BTAD) on July 6, had said in his report that the simmering tensions between Bodos and Muslims -- mostly illegal immigrants from Bangladesh -- could escalate into a riot if immediate steps were not taken.
The federal government is also struggling to settle disputes with provinces before the meeting of APCC so that it will be able to avoid any awful situation in the meeting because due to election year provinces were expected to raise many questions over the fate of next development budget.
Tickers featured: AMR, APCC, BEZ, ESE, HDWR, IMGC, ITRI, MRI, PEM, PLUG.
Once again, APCC brings together all fandoms and introduces us to the people behind the most celebrated comics, movies and TV shows today.
Lembong stated that the strategic direction of the APCC should be to ensure that the coconut industry continues to portray the premium nature of the product.