aortic valve

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a semilunar valve between the left ventricle and the aorta

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When the continuous aspect marker [ILLUSTRATION OMITTED] is postposed after a transitive verb, then the compulsory order is AOV.
Even on its own, display drives a 29% higher AOV than other single channel paths.
AOV Hard feather male/female 1 P Harrison, 2 R Walker, P and A Pennington.
However the AOV on mobile devices remained stronger.
Our customers are measuring tangible benefits in terms of conversion-to-sale and AOV lifts.
AOV Hard feather male/female 1 and 3 P Pennington, 2 C Cordwell.
So whether it's clicks, conversions, AOV, or LTV, the results are greater.
10% higher average order value (AOV) on orders placed after using LiveEngage, compared with the AOV on all non-live chat assisted transactions on Ninewest.
AOV Hard Feather Male/Female 1 C Cordwell, 2 A Pennington, 3 P Harrison Juvenile Hard Feather Male/Female 1 T Broom, 2 and 3 J Pennington.
AOV Fur Adult 1 R Brooks (Rotherham), 2 Lark Stud, 3 R Wood (Holmfirth).
The Q4 holiday season indicated improved consumer sentiment, with AOV up 31.