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Babylonian god of the sky

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Anu Nayake Maha Thero has been honoured both by the clergy and the laity, in recognition of his multi-faceted services to his religion, his country and his nation.
Anu is reportedly inspired by the ideology of Prime Minister Narendra Modi.
Her new blade is a huge improvement on her previous artificial limb which was heavy and had initially caused Anu problems with walking.
Se estudiaron 40 individuos Anu de ambos sexo nacidos en la laguna de Sinamaica, a los cuales se les extrajeron 5 c/c de sangre venosa, usando EDTA como anticoagulante y posteriormente se les extrajo el ADN por medio de un metodo que combina dos tecnicas (Fenol/ Sevag y Salting-Out) (8).
Well it will be very interesting to watch Anu Malik judging a comedy show.
Peta further piqued their interest in the university by showing the students some of the other science facilities at the ANU.
Se ha senalado, que la alimentacion del Anu se basa en cereales y tuberculos (arroz, maiz, y yuca), frutos disponibles en las riveras de la laguna de Sinamaica, (bananas, guanabanas y cocos), caza y pesca (Amodio 1998; 2005).
Gehlken begins the book with a very brief introduction to the weather omens and their place within Enuma Anu Enlil.
The team of scientists, led by Monash University in Australia, along with colleagues from the British Antarctic Survey, University of Waikato in New Zealand and ANU, looked at how recent investigations have revealed the continent and surrounding ocean are rich in species.
Poorer countries should not regard antibiotic resistance as an inevitable consequence of their financial situation, said co-researcher Professor Premachandra Athukorala, from ANU Arndt-Corden Department of Economics.
The preliminary investigation has revealed that the incident occurred on Sunday night when the accused persons -- identified as sub- inspectors Lakshman and Anu and their friends Amit and Jyoti -- were passing through weekly Sunday market in their Maruti Swift car.
Guy Tiacoh and Anu Ogunbiyi's Young Enterprise Heroes brand has won the backing of Cheik Tiote, Leon Best and Olivier Bernard.
ambiguus except ANU 2718 and ANLJ 6509 which are on charcoal.
The ANU and Fujitsu will jointly pursue various projects in computational science including weather, climate, disaster prevention and advanced use of supercomputing.
Between January and October 2011, the ANU seized 14 kilograms of heroin and three kilograms of cocaine.