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an acknowledgment that can be used to say hello or goodbye (aloha is Hawaiian and ciao is Italian)

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The Aloha Spirit is the giving of love, peace and compassion in everything you do," said Ryan Ishibashi, owner of Aloha Panda.
This is why Facebook might market project Aloha as an easy way for elderly users to communicate with their families.
1-million boat owners' liability policy on Aloha, according to the attorney who defended the Dowd estate from a wrongful death action that followed the disappearance.
Patricia Provines, Deputy Comptroller, US Army Pacific (USARPAC), G8 explained the different levels of FM certification to over 200 attendees during the ASMC Aloha Chapter RPDI in April 2014.
They scored three goals which proved to be decisive and they dumped Chupitos out to claim a final place with Aloha.
Though it is part of the Hawaii Airport Modernization Program, a government program to improve the state's busiest airports, Aloha Air Cargo is funding the entire project.
Further, Aloha Mobile provides servers this capability across many mobile hardware platforms, including the latest generation of NCR Orderman devices as well as Apple iOS (NASDAQ: AAPL) devices like the iPad, iPad Mini, iPhone and iPod touch.
Through collaboration with other associations, we have a wonderful, if not critical, opportunity to contribute to the ongoing international conversation and, if we do so in the spirit of Aloha, these efforts will be more effective, more meaningful, and more inclusive.
Aloha Pacific said the Las Vegas entry is part of a growth strategy to reach an estimated 140,000 former island residents, retirees and tourists.
Prior to Rodolfich's appointment for Aloha she worked for Alexander and Baldwin as its real estate controller.
Regional carrier Mesa Air Group may soon begin inter-island flights in Hawaii under the name Aloha Airlines.
Aloha wants to reunite with his old friend, and is prepared to travel a great distance to do so.
Aloha Airlines, following in the wake of Hawaiian Airlines, filed suit against Mesa Air Group in an effort to thwart go
Honolulu, HI, Mar 13, 2006 - (JCN Newswire) - JCB, the only Asia-based international payment brand, and its international subsidiary JCB International under the support of Hawai'i Tourism Japan, today announced the launch of the JCB Discover Aloha Hawaii Project.