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a precise rule (or set of rules) specifying how to solve some problem

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aAn important factor in our co-location decision was the unique City of London location of Interxionas data centre, combined with their fast growing financial services customer community,a said ex-Chi-X Europe executive Hirander Misra, now CEO of ALGO Technologies and co-founding director at AlgoSpan.
A: Many have speculated that one of these algos seized on Brexit comments by French President Francois Hollande and went into overdrive.
We're developing consistency of branding across asset classes -- so the same suite of algos that we offer in equities, we will try to offer in other assets as well," he says.
Demand for ever more sophisticated and more suitable algos for specific markets is constant, but differences and peculiarities between markets--including auction processes, tick sizes, bid/ask spreads, multiple currencies and the allowability of short selling and so on--are significant enough to make good algos far from universally applicable.
The new algos contain key risk controls across four strategies - Spread, Ratio, Inverse Spread and Inverse Ratio a and are available directly via leading order management systems.
Key benefits of Pragma's Hosted Algos service include:
Stock exchanges shall have a system to identify dysfunctional algos and take suitable measures including advising the member, to shut down such algos and remove and outstanding orders in the system that have emanated from such dysfunctional algos.