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Participated in the ad hoc committee conference calls to discuss issues related to AJAS and the collaboration with AMSTI.
In view of this and potential future needs to additionally support the AJAS, the Academy needs to maintain realistic budgets to reflect this and should be ready to consider steps (i.
Does not include the Gorgas checking account and the AJAS checking account.
This work enabled the substantial outreach to establish regional competitions for the AJAS Paper reading.
Professor Ha tabled a proposal for a New Subscription and Page Charge Policy of AJAS for which the underlying drivers included the need to 1) increase the impact factor and reduce self-citation to achieve reclassification to SCI; 2) meet the global trend for free access to on-line journals; and 3) to make authors responsible for a major portion of the publication cost of their papers.
More than 50% of the 1381 journal citations to AJAS papers in 2007 were self-citations in AJAS, which is too high to enable AJAS to move up into the Science Citation Index (SCI).
Professor Ha tabled the report that was commissioned on the evaluation of the current situation of AJAS and its future development.
Dr Moran suggested that a further consideration for AJAS might be to include plenary papers from the AAAP Congress into a special edition of the AJAS every two years.
The AJAS conference schedule could be such that especially significant AAAS symposiums could be attended by the AJAS membership.
To accomplish these goals, AJAS needs the help of its membership, teacher supporters, and state academy members across the nation.
The 2001 AJAS/NAAS conference in San Francisco promises the AJAS members exposure to AAAS symposiums on the role of environmental major events in the origins of the eukaryotic cell lines; the interactions of atoms, cells, organisms, chemicals, planets, & stars; plus much more.