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the act of sowing (of seeds in the ground or, figuratively, of germs in the body or ideas in the mind, etc

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In North America and Europe, susceptibility for AIH has been associated with HLA genes HLA-A1-B8, HLA-DRB1*0301, HLA DRB1*0401(DR3 and DR4).
Wayne Williams, President and Chief Operating Officer of AIH, noted that AIH has been successful in the past due to its careful selecting of partners to help their membership deal with various technology and HIPAA requirements.
AIT is less common than AIH, with a prevalence of about 3% to 5% in amiodarone-treated patients in the United States (2, 6).
Five years previously, a liver biopsy found severe fibrosis and early micronodular cirrhosis consistent with AIH, grade A2 B2 stage 4.
Liver biopsy revealed prominent portal lymphoplasmocytic infiltration with interface hepatitis, confirming the presence of AIH and moderate cholestasis in the hepatocytes.
35) The press also reported the ruling of the Catholic Church that techniques that helped the husband's semen move from the vagina into the uterus were acceptable, but AID and AIH that involved the collection of sperm via masturbation was not.
Those who permit AIH do not find it difficult to overcome these objections.
The first flight to be controlled from the new headquarters was the Airtours International flight AIH 550 from Las Palmas.
Airtours International Flight AIH 550 from Las Palmas became the first flight to be controlled by the National Air Traffic Services' (Nats) new headquarters.
Airtours International Flight AIH 550, from Las Palmas, became the first flight to be controlled by the National Air Traffic Services' (NATS) new headquarters.
ON September 11, I travelled with Airtours to Las Vegas: Flight AIH 33.
It took off for Dalaman in Turkey as Flight AIH 1107 at 11pm with 315 passengers on board.
The AIH, founded in 1844, is still a functioning organization, with physician members, a quarterly journal, and regular meetings.
Flight AIH 598 from Palma was due to land at Birmingham Airport at 6.
AIH, the New South Wales Health Department, and other bodies are actively working to refine measures and descriptions of health status to support monitoring of health outcomes associated with health interventions and to establish methodological programs that provide valid and reliable information on the outcomes of health interventions.