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code consisting of a series of vertical bars of variable width that are scanned by a laser

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Ironically, the decision mentioned 'keeping in view the spirit of the existing policy for revival of closed down units, the AIDC unanimously supported the case of Dewan Farooq Motors for suitable amendments in the ADP 2016-21 for availing benefits under the Brownfield category.
The partnership will also kick off AIDC scholarship, internship programs, and research projects for cultivating new talents and students who pursue a career in aerospace.
In practice, says AIDC chief executive Ian Smith, competition between different technologies risks understating all of them.
Manilal: The AIDC has identified Logistics and the Supply Chain as one of its three key focus areas.
Mike Baur, President of ScanSource in Greenville, SC, and a member of the AIM Board of Directors, says, "While the entire AIDC community of vendors and users can benefit from the global strategic initiatives of AIM, the chapter network is an essential part of bringing AIDC solutions to reality on a daily basis.
In fact, the AIDC has a first-time project next month that will bring recognition to the state's industries.
VDC Research Group's 2008 Global AIDC Industry Business Planning Service ("The AIDC Service") is a continuation and expansion of research initiated in 1986 with the publication of VDC's first AIDC market analysis: The Market for Bar Code Products - A Strategic Analysis.
s largest fighter manufacturer, Lockheed Martin, to jointly explore opportunities for the Taiwan F-16 A/B Retrofit Program, AIDC plans to invest NT$1.
Bill Sbordon, who was once vice president and publishing director of Modern Materials Handling, was named a member of the AIDC 100 for the year 2000.
The commission's choice was unanimous, but Kay Stebbins, AIDC director of communications, says members "felt any of the finalist agencies could have handled our account.
This volume (Volume 4A) of the 2008 Global AIDC Industry Business Planning Service includes coverage of the American market for printer consumables.
The deal covers that followed a thorough evaluation process, AIDC would produce composite panels for A320 Family aircraft aft belly fairings.
According to the agreement signed by AIDC president Y.
Technology selection challenges the AIDC system designer to examine various criteria as they apply to a specific end use and communication need.
Surveys have identified this newsletter as one of the most read publications produced by the AIDC.