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The first course, April 27-28, 2015, covers AFM to Characterize Polymers.
For example, the high resolution sidewall information on vertical planar and cylindrical structure by Park's new 3D AFM will bring huge impact on the performance of vertical devices such as FinFET, TFET, STT-MRAM and others.
Nowadays most exhibitors at AFM are both TV and film companies.
That it comes just three months after the release of our revolutionary Dimension FastScan AFM is evidence of our continuing technical leadership,” added David V.
The entire Cypher AFM system was designed from the ground up to provide superior capabilities and to generate the most accurate images and measurements possible, according to the firm.
For example, a 15-base DNA segment that travels through a microchannel in 170 seconds could traverse an AFM tip in just 5 milliseconds.
Paige said one particularly valuable aspect of the AFM is its ability to create images under liquid.
Bauer, a former presidential candidate who now runs a right-wing political action committee, concurred, telling The Times that the AFM should not "brush off or ignore the concerns that have been raised.
Comparisons of tip shape data generated from AFM imaging to that determined from indentation of fused silica (for example, see Fig.
Headquartered at Loews Santa Monica Beach Hotel, AFM is the key event to find buyers for movies that deliver American-style entertainment - recognizable actors, explosions, starlets and car chases - to places like Bolivia, Bulgaria, Singapore and South Korea.
As the name implies, AFM is a metal-finishing process that forces abrasive laden media back and forth across surfaces and through holes that are otherwise impossible to finish cost-effectively.
This award-winning piece and other innovative traditional, digital and social marketing initiatives, which we have collaborated on with AFM, have increased industry attendance nearly 50% over the past two years, and sold out the launch of the AFM Conference Series last year.
To anticipate what to expect at AFM '13, VideoAge caught up with exhibitors and the organizer to find out what they're hoping to see in Santa Monica.
com Amsterdam Performance Report and March 2010 Update and Investor Call AFM 28 April 2010 Euronext, TFG Hosts http://www.
A standard atomic-force microscope, or AFM, probes a sample by means of a tiny cantilever with a sharp, downward-pointing tip (SN: 1/1/05,p.