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For example, all AEF personnel in the CAOC now rotate at the same time.
The battle revealed not only a lack of American preparedness, but how rapidly AEF units adjusted.
Also in Kenya, a $286,000 AEF loan has been approved for Mosi Limited, a farm near Nairobi that is planning to switch from the production of spray carnations to the production of roses for export to Europe.
More information about past and future AEF events can be found at http://www.
3) The AEF use of machine guns in the Meuse-Argonne.
After yesterday's announcement by European vets that exports of UK beef could restart, pending EC approval, AEF Ltd hopes to deliver its first consignment of calves across the Channel by late April or early May.
The cross flow of information, the multiple layers and complications of each AEF cycle and the 10- to 12-hour work days that seem to fly by are all part of the center's operation.
With the advent of the expeditionary concept, the AEF rotation schedule can and must be integrated with air and space expeditionary task force (ASETF) employment.
Olive trees will be planted where possible, and AEF said in a release that the "global olive wreath" the effort will create is meant to reflect a commitment worldwide to environmental responsibility, peace, and prosperity.
The first fights at Cantigny and Belleau Wood baptized the AEF in the brutal combat of World War I.
Each year during their Honor Night Gala, the AEF recognizes the work of businessmen, advertisers, agencies, media and students for their achievements in the entertainment industry, and bestows a special award to a person whose work has made a difference in their communities.
According to AEF steering committee chair/member, Aubry Mintz, "AEF provides an important link between the animation industry and students, and will provide well-deserved scholarships to students across the United States.
The AEF daily cares for a collection of about 80 birds of prey, including about 40 bald eagles and 5 golden eagles - all of which can longer survive in the wild either due to "human imprinting" or permanent disabilities.
A comparison of the chaotic development of maintenance training by the Air Service in the United States with the more logical development of maintenance training by the Air Service, AEF in France--though it was still something less than a smooth process--indicates the importance of the Royal Flying Corps and Air Service, AEF relationship to US combat capability.