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Hinshaw's team observed girls with ADHD in a summer camp he runs for them, they found the girls were often very shy, confused about what the teacher (or counselor) said, had problems understanding directions and difficulty reading social cues from their peers.
The study began with 303 preschoolers who, according to teachers, parents, and clinicians, had exhibited moderate-to-severe ADHD symptoms for at least 9 months.
The teaching of new concepts requires that students with ADHD have time to incorporate new information into their pre-existing knowledge base and to use it as a springboard for additional abstractions and generalizations.
The symptoms or problems associated with ADHD vary somewhat depending on the patient's developmental stage (Barkley 1998).
Many studies have focused on the extent to which children with ADHD theoretically would meet diagnostic criteria for an IDEA disability category; however, this focus does not address the question of the number of children with ADHD who actually are served under IDEA.
When I conduct workshops on mental health issues, I always ask how many people think ADHD is overdiagnosed.
The following recommendations are based on the ASCA position on ADHD (ASCA, 2000) and recommended interventions for children with behavioral disorders.
The study enrolled 140 boys, aged 6-17 years, diagnosed with ADHD on the basis of a structured interview, and 120 matched boys not diagnosed with ADHD.
According to the National Institutes of Health (NIH), ADHD affects three to five percent of children, perhaps as many as two million American kids.
Despite the excitement that surrounded Strattera's release in January, Los Angeles-area doctors and psychiatrists specializing in ADHD are preaching caution to their patients.
Natural Relief for Adult ADHD: Complementary Strategies for Increasing Focus, Attention, and Motivation With or Without Medication" offers an accessible, research-based guide on the most effective non-medication treatments for ADHD.