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Synonyms for acre

usually extensive real estate

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a unit of area (4840 square yards) used in English-speaking countries

a territory of western Brazil bordering on Bolivia and Peru

a town and port in northwestern Israel in the eastern Mediterranean

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3] In many regards, ACRI represents the living, breathing embodiment of the American national ambivalence.
Thanks to its unique expertise, the ACRI has become a true centre of excellence in cancer research.
In terms of housing, ACRI said that only 14 percent of the East Jerusalem territory is zoned for residential Palestinian construction.
Mark Savit and Scott McKenna have collaborated to present at a two-and-a-half day seminar covering the legal and procedural processes involved in field inspections, citations and ACRI resolution.
Adalah and ACRI express deep concern that not only will the interests of Arab citizens no longer be taken into account in areas such as housing and land zoning, but that the Supreme Court ruling grants the state a license to transfer authority to a body that implements policies of racial segregation against Arab citizens in violation of their rights to equality and human dignity.
If his citizenship is revoked, Adalah and ACRI have argued, Zayoud would become stateless since neither the interior minister nor the Israeli attorney general provided an alternative citizenship status for him, in contrary to the requirements of international human rights law.
ACRI will also build strong partnerships with Exactis and Merck Canada and be well-positioned for future Canadian Networks of Centres of Excellence (CNCE) in Personalized Medicine projects.
Medeikon Announces Collaboration with ACRI to Leverage and Combine Best-in-Class Technology to Identify and Treat Cardiac Disease
ACRI said the [Israeli] government uses a variety of measures to pressure Bedouins into relocating to government-planned urban centers that disregard their lifestyle and needs.
ACRI has subsidiaries engaged in financial guaranty reinsurance, mortgage guaranty reinsurance, credit reinsurance and title reinsurance.
The two new classes of stock replace Acacia's common stock that formerly traded on the Nasdaq stock market under the symbol ACRI.